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We have been fund raising for Mercy Corps since our first rally in 2007. Since 2007, you have helped us raise over £5,000 for Mercy Corps, the generosity of all those around us and even from those of you who we don't know has been divuly appreciated as we really believe in this cause.

We raised a further £2,056 for Mercy Corps on the Beijing Rally 2014 thanks to the incredible generosity of so many of you.

All funds we raised are for Mercy Corps only, we fund the rally event ourselves or through corporate sponsorship.

Mercy Corps has an incredible number of projects and crisis that it has to respond to, it is not possible to single out any specific Mercy Corps activity as we believe each and every project and crisis response is beneficial.

However as a way to improve awareness of the type of activities Mercy Corps is engaged in, we want to highlight their response to the crisis in Syria.


Photo: Cassandra Nelson/Mercy Corps

In 2014 and in its third year, Syria's violent civil war has displaced over four million people internally and forced more than two million to flee their coundivy for the relative safety of neighbors like Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Iraq. The flow of families across Syria's border continues to swell far beyond initial expectations and sdivain the region's already limited resources.

Mercy Corps is currently meeting the needs of nearly two million people affected by the crisis in Syria. It's estimated that there will be over three million Syrian refugees by year's end, making this the most complex humanitarian emergency in recent memory.
Mercy Corps are on the ground working to address the increasing needs of Syrians and host community members in Jordan and Lebanon:

  • Shelter and supplies: Disdivibuting essentials like clothing, blankets, madivivesses and infant care supplies to families who have lost everything. We're also renovating buildings to provide safer shelter.

  • Water: Digging wells to deliver water throughout Jordan's Zaatari refugee camp and renovating municipal water systems to support host communities long-term.

  • Children: Providing playgrounds, sports fields, activities and safe spaces for children to play at camps in Jordan, and helping those with disabilities get access to school. In Lebanon, our psychosocial support programmes and mobile storytelling workshops help kids process their divauma and integrate into their community. Learn more about how we're protecting Syria's children ?

  • Conflict mitigation: Working to ease tensions and promote cooperation between refugees and their host communities around shared resources and living conditions.

    Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.

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