The Vehicle

Red, our 1963 Ex-Military Land Rover Series 2A SWB is now over 60 years old. Red is no stranger to the Sahara and our rallies, this will be our 5th rally with Red and the 4th time heading into the Sahara.

Red has been recently fitted with a secondary fuel tank, doubling our driving distance between refuelling stops and giving us that extra bit of contingency when in more remote desert areas.

Red at the Great Wall of China in 2014
Red seen at the finish of the Beijing Rally 2014

Red - Specification and Statistics

Engine: 2.25 Litre Petrol

Power: 70 BHP

Top speed: 65MPH with some tailwind

Creature comforts: Comfy seats, tailored sound system, infrared night light and cup holders

Rallies to date: Four - Saharan Rally 2009, Moroccan Road Trip 2010, Moroccan Rally 2012 and Beijing Rally 2014

Rally miles to date: Over 25,000 rally miles

Fastest recorded speed: Around 70 miles an hour. We were going down a steep hill!