Rusty Rhinos


The blog was started during the preparation stages of The Mongol Rally 2007 and was also used as a medium for updating people with our location and news while on the rally. We updated the blog almost daily via SMS when we were driving to Mongolia. The blog is now closed, as all news and information are published on this site, however to read about our preparation for the rally and our progress throughout the rally, go to: (opens a new window)

Some quotes from our live rally blog

"Made it to Altay a day later than planned after engine cut outs, overheating, exhaust snapping and tyre blowout!"

"At 10.30am we have finally arrived in Aqtobe, however we have been towing a broken Lada for the last 70 miles."

"Met some Kazaks on route who we stopped with to have thick warm milk and strong chilled vodka. 4000 miles completed."

"Ukrainian police just attempted to pull us over, but we dodged them by ignoring them and driving on."

"After spending a day lost in the Gobi, made it to Bayanhongor. Snapped another leaf and made up a replacement."

"We arrived at the Russian-Mongolian border at 8pm local time, but its closed! We'll be camping by the border."