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What is this site about?

The world is just a little bit too safe. Gone are the days where the edge of the map called you forth to discover what lay beyond - satellite maps and GPS have it laid out before you leave the armchair. What if you want things to go wrong? What if you want a bit of unknown in a world full of health and safety measures? What if the words "adventure travel" conjure images of old ladies on a guided tour to Everest base camp with all the danger and real adventure neatly removed? What you need is the Mongol Rally.

Imagine yourself in the middle of the gargantuan Kazakh desert, your car slowly being shredded by the dirt track your map says is a motorway, completely lost hundreds of miles from civilisation with no back up crew to rescue you. Just you, your wits, your increasingly brown pants, a car that the laws of physics say shouldn't have got you past Peckham Rye and a slightly angry looking man with a gun.

Well, that is exactly what Team Rusty Rhinos did in the summer of 2007. This website is all about our team, and how we drove from London, England to Ulan Bataar, Mongolia in a 22 year old rust bucket known as The Rusty Rhino.


Website relaunched

You may have noticed that the website looks very different since the last time you visited it. We've relaunched the site as a celebration of successfully completing The Mongol Rally 2007 and raising the funds that we aimed for for our chosen charities. Use the menu on the left to navigate the site, the links are fairly self explantory, however note that the story, car and videos links are work in progress. Contact us if you have anything Mongol Rally related that you'd like to see on this site.

The Rusty Rhinos Video Experience

We tried to capture video footage of our entire Mongol Rally adventure, the plan was to create an amateur documentary of the entire event through our experience. We ended up with over 4 hours of video, which we have slowly been editing. The final outcome will be 6 episodes of the Rusty Rhinos Experience. Each episode will be between 20 and 25 minutes. There is a mix of panoramic footage and us talking about our journey.
The first episode is almost complete and will be released to the website shortly. The first episode is more about the music and the drive to Russia, but as episodes progress, there is more chatter and hopefully a bit of drama.


Rusty Rhinos Experience Teaser Video
Check the videos link!

Episode 1 now posted!

Rusty Rhinos new site
Rusty Rhinos website relaunched and Mongol Rally photos uploaded!