Rusty Rhinos


Please support Mercy Corps through our rally

We chose the Mercy Corps as our primary charity for The Saharan Rally 2009. The Mercy Corps were our primary charity on The Mongol Rally 2007, they were very supportive and provided us with charity material as needed. We've been really impressed with their projects around the world and we wished to show our continued support to their projects.

The Saharan Rally 2009 being our own initative, we had not set a minimum fund as per The Mongol Rally, however we aimed to raise £500 for the Mercy Corps at a minimum. We were thrilled to have successfully raised £1,210 by the end of our rally.

Mercy Corps exists to alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities.

What do Mercy Corps do?

Emergency relief services that assist people afflicted by conflict or disaster.

Sustainable economic development that integrates agriculture, health, housing and infrastructure, economic development, education and environment, and local management.

Civil society initiatives that promote citizen participation, accountability, conflict management and the rule of law.

The statements above, taken from the Mercy Corps website summarise the work carried out by Mercy Corps. To get more information about specific projects or to get involved, visit their website at