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Saharan Rally related files are published here. Anything from basic maps that we have created to our detailed Algerian Sahara route guide.

001. Saharan Rally 2009 - Saharan Route Guide (August 08 edition)
The Saharan route guide has been created for a bit of fun more than anything else, but it contains our mileage from one town to another as we travel through Algeria. It also contains a bit of information about some of the towns we will pass through and suggests whether it might be a good place to try and get a nights sleep. (Adobe Reader required)

002. Land Rover User Handbook (Issued March 1962, Reprinted 1966) (Adobe Reader required)

003. Saharan Rally 2009 Car Door Poster

004. Basic Saharan Rally 2009 Algeria map

005. Algerian Visa Application Form (UK Edition) (Adobe Reader required)